Starlight Revolution


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What is it?

Starlight Revolution is an upcoming game built around a new take on the 4X genre. The idea is to narrow the viewpoint from an omniscient godlike emperor down to an individual starship captain, while maintaining the key gameplay concepts of exploration, research, and potentially deadly encounters with other cultures.

You play as a key individual, but part of the fun is how you approach your civilization: maybe you rebel against the status quo, maybe you defend it with your life. The important thing is how your decisions interact with all the elements- your civilization, alien civilizations, and other characters like yours.

If we had to define it in one sentence, we'd call it a space captain simulator, because the goal is to feel like the dashing star of your own sci fi drama. You know the type- charming smile, laser pistol, and a cocky attitude as they lead their ragtag crew on towards destiny.

Where can I learn more?

The main source of information is the development blog, but you can also check out @Jeckdev on Twitter for more instantaneous updates.

When can I get it?

Well, that's what the mailing list is for. We're planning to run a kickstarter towards the end of the year, so if you sign up you'll be able to back the project as soon as it goes live.